FUNDraising with TDOC

Here at TDOC we are striving to bring FUNDraising to the next level.  After four  long years of research, we are in our final stages of development. During these trying times we made FUNDraising easy, fun and profitable for your organization (we support all 501(3)c organizations). Everything is done 100% online and our products are fresh, unique and exclusive. 


As volunteers, fundraisers can be draining and tedious.  Here at TDOC, we take the work out of the fundraiser and replace it with solid profit. 

  • 100% ONLINE: no door to door sales, no more collecting orders & money.  No deposits, discrepancies, bounced checks, and more.
  • Products are shipped directly to the customer: no more waiting for product delivery to sort and distribute, no dealing with wrong, missing or damaged orders.  
  • No more boring $1.50 Candy bars or stale popcorn.
  • No having to pre-order / pre-pay for products.


Oh - TDOC knows how much you LOVE good CHOCOLATE.   You will not be disappointed in the QUALITY and FRESHNESS of our product.

  • Ordered and Packaged Fresh
  • Nutrition and Ingredients available on our website and/or upon request
  • *Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, egg, soy, peanuts, wheat & tree nuts


We find that our program is most productive when ran for 30 days, however, you can extend it for as long as you like. After your initial 30 days, you will receive $4.00 for each box sold.  We offer different products during the holidays and are regularly adding fun new flavors.


The Diamonds of Chocolate want this to be an EASY and SUCCESSFUL fundraiser for you, so is offering their knowledge and support to help you.

  • Tools to help you succeed
  • Templates for FLYERS and EMAILS
  • Social Media DIRECT LINKS
  • Live Customer Service
  • Weekly Reports


Let’s face it, at the end of the day - fundraising is all about the PROFITS and the programs it can support.  Whether you are a small local organization or a large national one, we can help you reach your goals.   Unlike other fundraiser that offer 15-20% profits.

    The Diamonds of Chocolate offers:
$6.00 for every box sold
We have added an additional bonus for your organization.
200 - 450   boxes sold $6.00 + 5% 
  451 - 750   boxes sold $6.00 + 7.5% 
 751 - 1000 boxes sold $6.00 + 10% 
1001 plus  boxes sold $6.00 + 15%


  • No Upfront Cost.
  • High Quality Exclusive Products .
  • Customer Service and Support.
  • No Time Limits - Minimum of 30 days.
  • 100% Online Sales, No Forms.
  • Soft Traditional FUNDraising Program.
  • $6.00 per box plus additional bonus.
  • 30 Day Challenge With a 10% Incentive.
  • All Products Delivered Straight To The Customer.


It is EASY to start selling today - simply contact us, we will send you a contract and answer any questions you might have.  Once signed, you can start sharing immediately.