It's All About the Kids


 Four years ago I was traveling through Utah for my former employer. I witnessed a high school student pitch a fundraiser for his class trip to an older woman. Interested she happily agreed to place an order to help him. He handed her the fundraising catalog to browse through and it took 45 minutes to place her order. Curious, I asked the student what the total order was. He said $30, which meant that he earned $3 from a sale that took 45 minutes. I immediately realized there must be an easier and more profitable way to fundraise.

   The past four years I have been on a mission to find a better way to help kids and organizations raise money for their causes with an easy high yielding fundraising program. In that four years I have researched many other fundraising companies. I researched their products, the resources they provide, the percentage of profit, incentives offered to motivate participation, and how people react to their products. 

   I have taken this research and the experience with helping my own child with their fundraising efforts and created my own fundraising company. We are not offering the same old stale selection candy bars and popcorn, our products are unique and exclusive high-end confections. We offer unique and worthwhile participation incentives that virtually no other fundraising company offers. 

   I know we will make your fundraising experience fun, easy, profitable, and unique. We strongly believe a successful FUNDraiser is a team effort, which means us helping you achieve your financial goals through fundraising. 

   TDOC offers an online virtual store with many exclusive items to choose from!

Thank you for your time,
Allen Palmer (Owner/CEO)
and your TDOC team


Due to the recent guidelines set forth by the united states CDC regarding Covid-19, we strongly encourage all fundraising limited to 100% online until such time normal day to day activities can be continued. Thank you for your patience and understanding, The TDOC Team!