Fundraising at its Best!

Why Choose The Diamonds of Chocolate?

1. We focus solely on providing our customers with high quality chocolates and truffles.

2. It is an easy way to raise money for your school, organization or your favorite charity.

3. There are two options: 30 day or academic year.

4. During your FUNdraiser adventure, you can earn  $4, $6 or $10 per unit sold.

5. We have 3 sizes available: 16 piece for $20, a 24 piece for $30 and a 32 piece truffles for $40

The customer can choose up to 4 different flavors with the 16 or 24 piece box. Up to 6 FLAVORS with the 32 piece box.

6. It's a great way for the kids to be more active in their community, learning teamwork, and being a creative Entrepreneur.

7. No waiting on your funds! Your school or organization receives your funds in the same week.

8. We do all the work associated with getting started and collecting orders and funds! Orders are collected every two weeks during the FUNdraising period. This allows a faster delivery time on products!

Reward Participation


Our student reward program acts as a great incentive to encourage maximum participation. This will encourage them to continue participating in future fundraisers. It also sparks interest in those who did not participate, because they will see the benefits of hard work and dedication.

The following bonuses are for all  who sell the required number of boxes for that bonus, you can only claim the highest bonus achieved. 

Sell 500 units receive a $500 BONUS!!!.

Sell 300 units receive a $300 Bonus!

Sell 200 units receive a $150 Bonus!

Sell 100 units receive  a $75  Bonus!